Subject CodeSubjectTopic
  Drugs Price Control Order (DPCO)
  Narcotics & Psychotropics Act.pdf
  Drugs & Magic Remedies Act
  Pharmacy Act
2134Pharmaceutical JurisprudenceProfessional Ethics of Pharmacists
  Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
  Narcotics and Analgesics
  Sedative & Hypnotics
  Antirheumatic drugs
  Antiparkinsonian Drugs
  Cholinergic Antagonists
  Cholingergic Drugs
  Adrenergic Antagonists
  Adrenergic Drugs
  Routes of Drug Administration
2133Pharmacology & ToxicologyBasics of Pharmacology
  Monophasic Liquid Dosage Forms
  Drugs Incompatibility
  Communicable Diseases
  Principles of Microbiology
  First Aid
  Demography & Family Planning
  Nutrition & Health
  Concept of Health and Disease and Prevention
2116Health Education & Community Pharmacy (HECP)HECP-Introduction
  Blood Clotting
  Blood Groups
  Blood Composition & Functions
  Lymphatic System
  Cardiovascular System
  Human Skeletal System
  Human Tissues
  Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology
2115Human Anatomy & PhysiologyCell Structure Functions
  Brief Chemistry of Polypeptides
  Brief Chemistry of Amino Acids
2114Biochemistry & Clinical PathologyIntroduction to Biochemistry
  Adulteration of Crude Drugs
  Classification of Crude Drugs
2113PharmacognosyHistory & Scope of Pharmacognosy
  Topical Agents
  Dental Products
  Antidiarrhoeal & Laxatives
  Acid Base Buffers
2112Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IAcid Base Balance
  Introduction to Pharmacoepia
  Mixing & Homogenization
  Size Separation
  Size Reduction
  Pharmaceutical Packaging
2111Pharmaceutics-IIntroduction to Different Dosage Forms